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Welcome one and all to Linda's site!!


Muhahahahah <evil laugh> you my dear have stumbled upon my you will learn all there is to know about me, and me is Linda :) XOXO

Lets see....what will be on this about me and my life, vital stats, and perhaps I'll grace you with my lovely picture.
Please sign my guestbook with any comments or reactions you have to my site. You can email me too.....i like to get mail!:) XOXO

look at all the ghoooosts! muuhahahahahah

Myself, Stephanie and Brian(Hicksmokey) visiting the Essex County Isolation Hospital in Belleville NJ......Steph's trying to hide the fact that shes scared to death.......(Can u tell??? lol)

Linda and Joe......awwwwh

And this is myself and Joe one of the guitarists for 51Peg

OW!!!! five and a half hours of pure PAIN!!

This is my biggest is located on my lower back and all work is done by Squiggy!!! He rox!! check out his site at

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What's happenin' with Linda?

This is what is goin on in the life of will be updated as much as it needs to be :)

**Oct 15th my love Butch Walker will be gracing NJ with his presence and I WILL be there!
**Oct 20th  MY 22nd BIRTHDAY
**Oct 31st HALLOWEEN and its PARTAY time!!
****This LOVELY webpage updated last on Oct 5, 2003****

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