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My Guardians from the Evils of this animals


Who the hell are these crazy people??? friends!
My Guardians from the Evils of this animals
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These guys are the greatest animals ever! They aren't pets to me....they're part of the family!

Monk and Buddy

Monk: She's 14 Her birthday is July 14 1986 She's a Jack Russell Terrier, and she's brown and white. She weighs 17 pounds. And she's single, so any men out there, just give her a holler :) lol

Buddy: Watch out ladies, studmuffin comin through. Buddy is 14 as well and his birthday is on June 6 1986. He's all white and long haired. Buddy is also a Jack Russell Terrier and has the biggest brown eyes you have ever seen!
**Unfortunately the beginning of this year Monk and Buddy had to be put to sleep and were sent off for eternity into Doggy Heaven.....I love my babies and I always will.....**

This is the cute doggy monk....awwwww how adorable!!!

This is my lazy fat stupid but sweet dog Buddy

The newest addition to our family.....Petunia.....She was born on Dec 17th 2002 and we adopted her LOVINGLY on Feb 15th 2003.....our new German 5 months old she's absolutely adorable and powered by jet fuel.......

how adorable!

She came before me....but she is my big beautiful baby girl....she's 6 years old and  a German Rottie FULL of love and smiles :)


Sanford is the NEWEST addition to our zoo here at the Meyers household....He's a bearded dragon and he's four months old. We adopted him into our family on Friday Aug 29, 2003 and all he does is eat crickets.......but he's the best!

mmmm crickets...all i want is crickets