Mary Prankster: Queen of Cowpunk
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Here's some "Triple-X, Low Ridin', Balls-Out Rock N Roll for your ears...

These albums are the two albums that Mary Prankster has put out so far. We're patiently waiting for a new one to come out, but until then, you can Rock out to these CDs!

When I figure out to I will put up a sound sample of some Mary Prankster songs, but until then this is gonna have to do :)

Blue Skies Over Dundalk
Fowl Records, 1998

Track List:
Tits & Whiskey, Piss Off, Mac & Cheese, Blue Skies Over Dundalk, Sadie Hawkins Day, Breakfast, Green Eggs & Hamlet, Student Loan, Mercyfuck, Valentine

Roulette Girl
Fowl Records, 1999

Track List:

Eventually I'll have a clip of a Mary Prankster song here....that's when I figure out how to :)

My Favorite Mary CD is.....
*drumroll please*

Blue Skies Over Dundalk
The debut CD from Mary Prankster is my absolute favorite CD. The songs are great, they make you laugh, they make you cry, these songs deserve an Oscar!!!! Although the songs are short, they get to the point quick and show the listening audience who Mary Prankster is and why she's taking over the Baltimore/DC music scene!

And I can't forget my favorite Mary song.....

And that song would be Breakfast which is found on the Blue Skies Over Dundalk CD. I really don't know why its my favorite....Its just super catchy and I can just imagine a bottle of Aunt Jemima coming to life and talking to me.......wouldn't it be hilarious hahaha:) And I just love hearing the song live....its soo fun :)