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You ready for your 15 minutes of fame?

So you wanna be a rock superstar? Well don't just stand there......look below!! you wanna feel you mean something to this page? Well OF COURSE you do.....the fans are the most important people......we are the ones that support the rockstars!! If it weren't for us they'd be actually working real us!!

Anyway, send me and email, post me a message in my guestbook, ICQ me (UIN # 3279094), Instant Message me (Goober1999) with a thought, a comment, an idea, anything, and if it is insightful, funny, or mean, or just about anything I'll post it here.....yup RIGHT here on THIS page....for you and all of your friends to see. Also if you have another Mary Prankster Fan Page that you know of, send me the link, or send me any pictures of Mary Prankster or the boys Jon and Phil. We love them all equally.

Just please, feel free to email me at anytime or send me a message somehow....get in touch with me...I am your loving webmaster....