An   unremarkable   love   story   to   last   the   ages.......

Titanic: a horrible disaster brought to life by James Cameron in 1997. It is a fictional story based on two young people from different walks of life. The two people in the world that were never meant to find each other but they did. The first is Rose DeWitt-Bukater (played by Kate Winslet)a Philadephian socialite just back from a shopping expedition in Paris. She is engaged to a high class man: Caledon Hockley.She is a beautiful young woman, at the young age of 17, with deep soulful eyes. She feels trapped in the confines of being the perfect "woman" of her times, with the correct etiquette and other learned ideas. After the story begins she meets Jack Dawson a steerage passenger. He is an American who has just won the chance of a sail upon the grandest ship of the times.....the Titanic. Jack sees Rose and from that second on he knew they were meant. He saves her from throwing herself from the bow of the boat. They create a friendship that neither Rose's mother or Cal understands. Jack is invited to dine with Cal, Rose, her mother and other first class passengers the following night which is Cal's reward to him fo saving Rose's life. Eventually the friendship grows into a romance. Rose is forbidden by her mother to see Jack, but they still continue. Jack and Rose's love is a part of her that she will never forget. The story is a incredibly touching and emotional story. It wrenches your heart and makes you realize that the horror of the Titanic really did happen.

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TITANIC: The #1 movie in history. Starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio.

Titanic, the epic directed by James Cameron, recieved 14 oscar nominations. Out of those 14 nominations Titanic received 11 including Best Picture. Titanic, although it has been out of the theatres for months, is still the best movie of all times. It was just released on video on September 1st 1998. Don't miss the most memorable movie of the year. I'm sure you'll love it!!!!

Kate Winslet, dressed in a style reminiscent of the early 1900s when the infamous tradgey happened, beams with hopes of victory at the Oscars.

Iceberg right ahead!!! all the Titanic survivors have told their tales times.