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Mary Prankster: Queen of Cowpunk

Well, ladies and gentlegerms thank you much for visiting my page of for and about Mary Prankster. Now I bet you ask "Who is Mary Prankster?" Well for all of you out there that are dense when it comes to the subject of the best female performer and rockstar to ever come out of Maryland, I must say if you don't know about Mary you are missing out on the best part of Maryland. Forget the Maryland Blue Crab, forget the Orioles, forget the Ravens, forget the Inner Harbor, forget the fact that I live here and make it the greatest place on earth, Mary Prankster has to be the shining star of Maryland. Her soulful and blunt vulgarity make her one of the few originals left in the music scene. Stick with me on this page and your eyes will open up and will realize what you have been missing out on by not listening to Mary Prankster and her cohorts Johnny Cakes and Phil Tang.

Mary Prankster: Originally from Annapolis Maryland, the home of too many uptight white people she says, brings forth a type of music she calls "Triple-X Low Riding Balls Out Rock 'N' Roll". With Phil Tang on drums and Jon E. Cakes on bass, Mary Prankster is making her way headfirst into the 21st century. CHECK OUT SOME MORE MARY PRANKSTER PIX!!!


If ya wanna check out my article I wrote on Mary Prankster for The Towerlight(Towson University's newspaper)

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