BUSH: one of England's best alternative far better than oasis. They got their name from a town found in England called Shepard's Bush. Bush consists of: Gavin Rossdale: Lead vocals and rythmn guitar Nigel Pulsford: Lead guitar and vocals Dave Parsons : Bass Guitar Robin Goodridge: Drums

They were founded by Gavin and Nigel who met in a pub. They recruited Dave and Robin through the years. They released their debut album 16Stone in 1992. From that album they recieved 5 top hits and many awards. The hits from 16stone were as follows: Everything Zen, Little Things, Glycerine, Comedown and machinehead. Their next album was Razorblade Suitcase. They had 2 major hits off that album which were Swallowed and Greedy Fly. The most recent album was Deconstructed. It was the most "un-Bushlike" of all the albums. It consisted of all remixes and it was very techno like....very much different from the Seattle-grunge rock they debuted with. If you have any questions about Bush let me know at my email which is as follows:

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