La Casa de Froth (the House of Froth)
BIENVENUE a la casa de FROTH!!!

Thank you for visiting the Frothoholics OFFICIAL website! It has taken over a year to finally get this up and running, but hopefully now it''ll get started!! Anyway, I guess you would like to be a busybody and learn a few things about Froth and the Frothoholics Anonymous. Well, in this page you will most definitely learn about the Frothers and what Frothing is!! And if you want to join the Frothoholics Anonymous......just let one of us know by emailing us!!!!


Frothing is the simple but amazing and intriguing art of making your milk froth or bubble as non frothers would like to call it. Frothing takes great skill, but once you are taught it becomes quite simple. Why do we froth you ask? Why that is an extremely flabbergasting question. That's like asking why Do we eat? Or Why is Dr. Evil so evil? The answer to that amazingly stupid question is this. We are easily amused and in so we enjoy Frothing because it is a form of simple amusement and it is like Yoga.....extremely relaxing.

Well there are 7 CORE Frothoholics and many more adopted members to the Frothoholics. We'll start with the Founding and President #1. That person would be Melissa Miller. She is 18 and she is OH SO SWANK.....she has met with the froth guru and he has taught her all his knowledge of Froth. Next is Publicity President and Webpage person, Linda Meadowcroft.....ok well I don't want to talk much about myself, but I am 17 and I frolick like a llama should....Next is Vice Pres Laura Fisher.....she is a reakky reakky koo gyrl and she likes to have fun at Gunpowder Falls. Then are the 2 sets of twins.......Dave and Mark Andrews and Jessie and Emily Hester. Dave, well he has the inability to eat beans.....and Mark.....well he thinks everyone should bow down to him. Jessie likes to show her better side to cameras...(just ask about that one, Linda has Pictures!!!) and Emily, well all she can ever think about is AJ. To the left is a picture of the Core Frothers. Everyone is welcome to join........just email any of us and let us know!!!!

email us at the main address.....
email us individually at

Linda's email :
Melissa's email: COMING SOON
Laura's email:
Dave's email; Coming Soon
Mark's email: Coming Soon
Jessie's email: Coming Soon
Emily's email: Coming Soon

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